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The "Taran Trio" - is the newest sensation from Belarus, created by the world-renowned accordionist Anatoly Taran in 2016. Anatoly Taran is an A list Belarusian accordionist, who became one of the top accordion musicians in Eastern Europe.

He’s accordion skills are technically marvelous, and his innovative playing techniques and distinctive sound present Taran as an exquisite accordionist.

As a solo artist, Anatoly Taran participated and won dozens of international competitions. He is a certified scholar of numerous Belarusian fonds.

He quickly gained the reputation and status of a virtuoso accordionist.
Such achievements and recognitions all led up Anatoly getting the recognition of being one of the top Eastern European Jazz musicians.

In 2016, he won the title of the first place champion of the world famous competition “World Trophy” a.k.a. “Trophée Mondial”, which was held in Portugal. Following this victory, the Belarusian media named Taran as the “World Accordion Champion.”

Anatoly Taran has performed all of the world, touring countries as Germany to Turkey, Brazil to China, and all the way to Canada 'till The United Arab Emirates.

The "Taran Trio” has already toured and sold out venues in Belarus, Lithuania, France, Switzerland and in many other countries. One Lithuanians publication describes the as "so refreshing and dashing, that unbeknownst to the listener, their sound drifts the listener away from the gloominess of our daily lives.” In addition to Anatoly Taran, the “Taran Trio” consists of the percussionist Hovhannes Avanesyan (composer & the band leader of the 'Morfe’ and the 'H.A. Quartet’ bands, and the bass player Sasha Efimov (member of 'Egor Zabelow Trio', 'Morfe', and the 'H.A. Quartet'). The collaboration of these three high profile musicians, pioneers to the inventiveness and originality of Jazz music.

Playing all from traditional folk styles, to modern ones. The "Taran Trio" reaches far beyond the limits of traditional Jazz music, to innovative heights of modern avant grade Jazz music. Their innovations in Jazz are widely recognized today, and will continue to be for decades to come.

34 Music Sessions: Taran Trio - Cascade


Paulinka (M.Wyrostek)

Carnevale (R.Ruggieri)

Fou Rire (R.Galliano)

Armando's Rhumba (Chick Corea)

"Taraf" (R. Galliano)